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New technologies 2018
New technologies 2018

Although the house is built to last many years years, it does not mean that we should only rely on old, tried and tested tips. As in any other field, also in the construction industry there are often new ways to facilitate and speed up the construction, lowering its costs and making the final effect more attractive. See what trends in construction took over the world in 2018 and which in our opinion should be used.


A great return of naturalness

After years of fashion for houses that resembled palaces, naturalness returned, expressing itself both in the simplicity of the body and the use of organic materials. Stone and wood have conquered both the façades and interiors. However, the wooden or stone façade is quite expensive and labor-intensive. Natural wood is also flammable. It is no wonder that materials were created that perfectly imitate natural raw materials, such as Weber decorative plasters. Plasters are easy to apply, efficient, resistant to fouling with algae and are very similar to a real board - in case of plaster modeler D - or stone, in the case of plaster weber.pas stone.


Find out more about Weber Decor - imitation boards on the facade!


 Weber Decor - imitacja deski - nowe technologie 2018


The natural coloring also returns to favor. The flashy colors of the facade remained in the 2000s - today gray, beige, white and delicate pastels are on top of the list. It is also very fashionable to combine several different textures or colors at one wall.


Architectural concrete - inside and outside

Concrete has also become extremely popular, and on a scale so far unprecedented. Of course, this composite has long enjoyed great popularity in large-scale building, but now it has also gained fans among people building their own, single-family houses. It also entered the interior - fashionable concrete floors, stairs or fragments of walls, concrete kitchen countertops, sinks and even ... lamps! Architectural concrete is used for the finishing elements and home furnishings. Architectural concrete, designed for exposed elements, must be not only robust, but also aesthetically presented. We can choose the right porosity, color, texture and discoloration.


Efekt betonu architektonicznego - nowe technologie 2018


It must be admitted that concrete fits perfectly with any type of interior or façade, its neutral color can be composed with various other materials. Remember, however, that the more complex the shape of the block, the worse the concrete will be vented. This composite works best with straight shapes and on smooth surfaces. You can also choose to imitate concrete - modeling silicone plaster from the weber.pas modelino C line refers to its appearance, and making a fragment of the facade, wall or floor using it is easier and cheaper.


Find out more about the imitation architectural plaster Weber.pas Modelino C!


House termic insulation? Less means more

Appropriate insulation of the house is very important. Thanks to it, we manage to achieve the right temperature in the interior, and also to protect the house from moisture. This does not mean, however, that  a layer of thick wool must be almost one meter! Today's insulation materials are getting thinner, their parameters improve. Mineral wool is already available in the three-centimeter version. PIR insulation - polyurethane insulation boards are equally thin, which are excellent insulation due to the compact structure, without channels, through which water could get inside. They can be used from the outside - or even - from the inside of the building. Thanks to this they gain the advantage and leave behind any other styrofoam insulation forms.

Płyty rezolowe PIR - nowe technologie 2018



With thermal insulation, it is impossible not to mention one of the best material for tightness and price, for attic insulation. Cellulose wool is material obtained from recycled paper, at the same time non-combustible (due to the use of a substance to protect it from fire). In addition, thanks to the modern method of blowing - cellulose wool reaches and fills places that other thermal insulation materials do not have access to.




Floor heating

More and more people are choosing to use underfloor heating. We can choose between water heating, which require a more precise arrangement - poorly arranged pipes with water can break and lead to considerable damage - or less troublesome to install electric cables, which, however, generate much higher fees. Choosing such a source of heat, we must also remember that not every floor can withstand it. What floor is not suitable for underfloor heating? These are some PVC linings and wood with a high shrinkage ratio. If we care about the wooden floor, it is best to decide on boards prepared using a layered method. Let's also remember that underfloor heating is not always the only heating method. Usually, to avoid damaging the floor, it should be set at a maximum of twenty degrees. The floor heating our feet like a hot water bottle can be a dream for many, but it is not a practical solution!


Ogrzewanie podlogowe - nowe technologie 2018


If you are interested in underfloor heating - contact our consultants!


In harmony with ecology

At a time when smog is becoming an increasingly serious problem, home heating is becoming more and more popular using solar systems. Solar sets allow you to heat enough water for the whole family, without burdening the environment and ... significantly reducing your electricity or gas bills. Remember that to install solar panels, the roof can not be too pointed. This is one of the reasons why roofs with small declines are becoming increasingly fashionable. In addition to the possibility of installing photovoltaic sets, such roofs have one more essential advantage - they allow you to maximally use the space on the floor.


And which modern solutions in construction you consider the best?


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